Make Every Closed Deal an Advertisement for Your Firm

Deal Toys, Acrylic Tombstones, and Custom Lucite Embedments are a form of advertising that your clients will proudly and prominently display. They remind issuers, senior advisors, and, most importantly, your clients of the role your organization played in the transaction. Not only do they serve as a respected memento and badge of honor for everyone involved, they advertise your firm long after the closing ceremony. Give a deal gift for every closed deal and reap the marketing benefits.

Customized Lucite Embedments & Financial Tombstones

We’re teamed up with some pretty talented people who love the challenge of creating unique awards. Give us the details and an idea of what you want to communicate, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Most Popular Shapes & Sizes for Lucites

We also offer the most popular shapes and sizes for Lucite embedments: Rectangles, Squares, Cubes, Triangles, Ovals, and more. The turnaround time on these standard shapes is very fast.

Awards in Crystal, Glass, Resin, Wood, Metal, or Stone

Sometimes we use the word “Lucite” generically. We can create your award using a variety of substrates, including Crystal, Glass, Resin, Wood, Metal, or Stone. The possibilities are almost endless.

“Oops! I Need My Lucites In A Hurry!”

Do you have a closing dinner that’s closing in on you? Often times we can offer “Rush Service” for an additional charge.

Contact us for options and to discuss your next project.