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I’m Rory Brannum and I founded Field City Media in 2011 to provide high-converting web copy to businesses of all sizes.

Let’s work together to ensure that your website, sales funnels, and emails are accomplishing your goals.

Conversion copywriting is often the missing piece of the marketing puzzle for many businesses. And that’s where I can help you. For more information, let’s chat.


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When you want data-driven web copy that flows from customer research.

What are your key performance indicators?

Results you can measure.

When it comes to your web copy, the days of guesswork and gut-feelings are in the past. Today, you can see what works and adjust what doesn’t. Quickly. 

You want copywriting that flows from real customer research. You test and evaluate throughout the process and implement changes based on results instead of feelings.

Like you, I like to work with companies that value an analytical approach to copywriting and marketing. Let’s work together to improve your results.


  • More Leads?
  • More Revenue?
  • More Signups?
  • More Visitors Converted?

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